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Kildare Public Participation Network

Kildare Public Participation Network is the main link through which the Local Authority connects with the, Social Inclusion, Environmental and Community and Voluntary groups within County Kildare.

Kildare PPN was established to allow communities within County Kildare to have greater involvement with the Local Authority and to give the community a greater voice and influence on issues and policies of interest to them.

About Us

Public Participation Networks (PPN’s) were set up following the enactment of the Local Government Act 2014 to act as an inclusive and independent structure that facilitates public consultation and public participation in policy and decision making.

The PPN provides the structure to facilitate the two way flow of information between the Local Authority and the Community and Voluntary, Social Inclusion and Environmental groups in County Kildare. The PPN facilities this through electing PPN representatives to sit on various committees within Kildare Council to have their impact.

Benefits of Membership

Elect representatives to decision making committees on behalf of the PPN

The opportunity to influence local government policy

Access to relevant information of benefit to your group i.e. funding, grants, training opportunities

Network with and learn from other PPN groups in your MD or in your sector

The opportunity to feed into consultations at local authority and national level

Information Hub

The Kildare Public Participation Network in support of the Kildare Integration Strategy 2020/2026 undertook to develop a hub of information for ease of access for communities and individuals living in Kildare.

It is hoped that this hub will make it easier for people to access information, in multi-languages about Kildare and some of the services available. We hope that in time it will become a one-stop location for all services as the hub develops and evolves.

If you would like to list your service, please feel free to contact

Join Kildare PPN

Membership to Kildare Public Participation Network is free of charge. As a member, you will be part of a community strong collective voice to influence policy and plans that will directly impact County Kildare.

You will be better informed about plans and decisions for your area. You will be informed about funding opportunities. As a member you will have access to free training , consultations and networking opportunities. All members and organisations can share information, experiences and supports to strengthen there voices and make Kildare a better place for everyone.

Kildare PPN Members

All members of Kildare Public Participation Network are listed under this section.

Members must select from one of three Pillars, which best represents their organisation along with the Municipal District they are from. The three pillars of Kildare Public Participation Network are:

  • Community & Voluntary
  • Social Inclusion
  • Environmental

Meet the Kildare PPN Secretariat

Kildare Public Participation Network has a Secretariat made up of eleven members, representing the Pillars and Municipal Districts in Kildare. They are the main decision-making body between Plenary meetings.


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Closing Date for Nominations

Closing Date for Nominations