Role of Linkage Groups?

Linkage Groups are established to support the work of Kildare PPN and Representatives of Kildare PPN on decision making committees at local authority and community level. It is important to note that the role of the Linkage Group is to facilitate and enable organisations
to voice a wide range of views and interests within the local Government system.

  • They Discuss and debate the matters being discussed by the relevant statutory / Local Authority Board or Committee, to inform the Representative(s), and where relevant to prioritise and develop policy positions.
  • They support the Representatives to fulfil their role by advancing the diversity of views within the Linkage  Group to the relevant statutory / Local Authority Board or Committee.
  • They agree and implement a way of communicating with the Representative(s) and with each other, which is effective and realistic
  • They work collaboratively with other Linkage Groups and Representatives to advance the aims of the PPN.
  • All the Linkage Groups are open to any member of organisations/groups registered with Kildare PPN regardless of the sectoral interest of the member’s group or the
    Linkage Group.
  • Linkage Groups may invite non-members of Kildare PPN to participate in an advisory role.
  • Linkage Groups will meet as often as they determine but at least twice per year.
  • Kildare PPN representatives will be required to be members of and attend Linkage Group meetings appropriate to their representation.
  • Linkage Groups are responsible for issuing a report of meetings to the Kildare PPN Administrator/Coordinator.