Nominations will be opening this September for a number of PPN Representative positions on each of the Kildare County Council Strategic Policy Committees.

What is Kildare Public Participation Network (PPN)?

Kildare PPN is a collective of community and voluntary, social inclusion, and environmental organisations within Kildare that facilitates greater community involvement in local government. PPNs exist to empower citizens and ensure that their voices are heard in local decision-making processes.

What is the role of a PPN Representative

As a PPN Representative, you will act as a bridge between Kildare PPN and the committee you are a member of, representing the voice of PPN member groups. Your role is crucial in ensuring that community interests and perspectives are effectively communicated to the committee/Kildare County Council. Here’s what being a PPN Representative entails:



  • Represent the interests and concerns of your community in various local government forums.
  • Ensure that diverse community voices are heard and considered in decision-making processes.



  • Regularly update the PPN through uploading Representative reports on the Kildare PPN website to ensure that information is available for all PPN members and PPN Representatives.
  • Facilitate two-way communication between the community and Kildare County Council.



  • Actively participate in meetings and consultations including Kildare PPN Representative Network meetings and relevant Linkage/Thematic group meetings.



  • Work collaboratively with other PPN Representatives, PPN member groups, and Kildare County Council

What is the commitment?

The role of the Representative is a rewarding one, but requires you to make a time commitment to fulfil the mandatory duties of the role including:

  • 4 Strategic Policy Committee Meetings a year (Daytime meetings)
  • Meetings with PPN Linkage Group/Thematic as required (Evenings)
  • Quarterly Meetings with Representative Network (Evening/Daytime meetings)
  • Completing and uploading Representative Reports after SPC meetings.
  • Induction Training and potentially ongoing training for the role.

What seats will be available?


The seats that will be allocated to the PPN won’t be confirmed until September, but we envision the below seats or similar will be available.

These seats are subject to change. 

Environmental Seats 

  • Economic Development Enterprise & Planning SPC
  • Environmental Services & Water
  • Local Community & Cultural SPC

Social Inclusion Seats 

  • Economic Development Enterprise & Planning SPC
  • Housing SPC
  • Local Community & Cultural SPC

Community and Voluntary Seats 

  • Environmental Services & Water
  • Local Community & Cultural SPC
  • Housing SPC
  • Transportation, Safety & Emergency Services

Are you interested in becoming a PPN Representative?

If you are interested in putting your name forward to be a PPN Representative on a Strategic Policy Committee in Kildare County Council, please email to be added to the mailing list to ensure you are notified as soon as the nominations open.