Kildare PPN are seeking nominations for two PPN positions on the Kildare Sustainable Transport Forum:

Available Seats

Cycling Advocate

Kildare Sustainable Transport Forum

Environmental Pillar

Kildare Sustainable Transport Forum

(Updated) Nominations are open until 12:00pm Tuesday the 2nd of May 2023


What is the Kildare Sustainable Transport Forum?


The Kildare Sustainable Transport Forum is a sub-committee of the Transportation, Safety and Emergency Services Strategic Policy Committee. The terms of reference of the Forum were agreed by the Strategic Policy Committee in 2021 and it is intended to convene the first meeting of the sub-committee before the end of Quarter 2 2023.

The Forum aims to:

  • Contribute to the development of policy that progresses outcomes such as improved public transport services, cycling and pedestrian infrastructure including modal interchange improvements.
  • Provide a regular forum for professional and advocacy organisations to input into ongoing policy and the practical development of sustainable transport solutions in Kildare.
  • See broader linkages between actors in the transport sector and assist coordination between programmes, projects and services.
  • Support the implementation of National Policy.

The role of the Sustainable Transport Forum is:

  • To promote and support more sustainable forms of travel including walking, cycling and public transportation
  • Positively influence policy formulation and policy improvements regarding sustainable travel
  • Identify key barriers to the provision of sustainable travel and look for solutions to address these barriers.



While the composition of the sub-committee has not been finalised, it will be chaired by Councillor Paul Ward, chairperson of the Strategic Policy Committee, with staff from
appropriate sections of Kildare County Council and representatives from organisations concerned with sustainable transport.

The Roads, Transportation and Public Safety Department are engaging at present with a number of organisations to finalise the list of members of the subcommittee, however, the Committee is expected to comprise of the following:

  • Chair of Transportation, Safety and Emergency Services SPC (Councillor Paul Ward)
  • Nominee from Clane-Maynooth Municipal District
  • Nominee from Celbridge-Leixlip Municipal District
  • Nominee from Kildare-Newbridge Municipal District
  • Nominee from Athy Municipal District
  • Nominee from Naas Municipal District
  • Nominee from Healthy Ireland
  • Nominee from Slainte Care
  • Nominee from Local Link
  • Nominee from National Transport Authority
  • Kildare County Council – Climate Section
  • Kildare County Council – Active Travel Section
  • Kildare PPN – Cycling Advocate
  • Kildare PPN – Environmental Pillar

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Regularly attend meetings and contribute to the discussion, both at meetings and online
  • Members are encourages to participate in the work of any working group activated to support the work of the Sustainable Transport Forum
  • Members shall champion the forum within their organisation and work to ensure the visibility of the work of the forum is disseminated within the community through Kildare PPN (representative reports).



It is intended that the Sustainable Transport Forum will be convened four times per annum.

Nomination Form

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Nominations Guidelines


  • Nominating groups must be registered with Kildare Public Participation Network for at least 6 months.
  • Groups must have full membership and be a member of the respective seat e.g. nominations for an Environmental seat must be a PPN member group from the environmental pillar.
  • Nominations can only be made with the candidate’s knowledge and approval.
  • Each Group can nominate one candidate only per seat. If groups nominate more than one candidate, the first nomination received will be accepted.
  • If we receive more nominations than seats available, elections will take place through online voting.
  • Nominees must have no political affiliations.
  • Candidates are requested to submit a short profile (written in the first person) to accompany their nomination form (no more than 150 words, showing relevant experience). This profile will be made public for the purpose of elections. We also request a photo for the ballot paper (this is optional).