We are currently seeking nominations from Kildare PPN member groups for the following positions on Kildare County Council’s Strategic Policy Committee’s (SPC’s):


  • Economic Development, Enterprise and Planning SPC (Environmental Seat)


Closing date for nominations is Thursday the 16th of November 2023

Environmental Seat

Economic Development Enterprise & Planning SPC


What is the role of a PPN Representative on a Strategic Policy Committee?

  • Attend and fully participate in all meetings
  • Complete and upload a Representative report after each meeting
  • Work collaboratively with the Linkage Group to identify issues, research, policy proposals etc. of interest or concern to the Group
  • Bring forward the issues of the Linkage Group to the Committee for their consideration, including putting items on the agenda

What is the commitment?

The role of the Representative is a rewarding one, but requires you to make a time commitment to fulfil the role including:

  • 4 Strategic Policy Committee Meetings a year (Daytime)
  • Meetings with Linkage Group as required
  • Quarterly Meetings with Representative Network (Evening)

Kildare County Council Economic Development Enterprise & Planning SPC

The role of a Strategic Policy Committee (SPC) is to develop, monitor and respond to Strategic Policy within a thematic area of work of the Council. The membership of an SPC is made up of Councillors, PPN Representatives and Sectorial Interests (i.e. Chamber of Commerce, etc.).

The areas of responsibility for the Economic Development Enterprise & Planning SPC include:

  • Preparation and oversight of the economic element of the Local Economic and Community Plan.
  • Creation, review and oversight of economic development policies and business support policies.
  • Preparation of County Development Plan.
  • Job Creation/Maintenance Policies.
  • Policy linkage – I.D.A., Enterprise Ireland, Local Enterprise Office and other local development initiatives.
  • Regional spatial and economic strategies.
  • Impact of national policies.
  • Sustainable development issues.
  • Urban, village and rural renewal plans.
  • Tourism promotion/development.
  • Heritage Protection and conservation.
  • Linkages with other policy committees

2023 Economic Development Enterprise & Planning SPC Meeting Scheduled Dates:

  • 12th December – 3:00pm



To put forward a nomination for the Environmental seat on the Economic Development Enterprise & Planning SPC, please fill out the nomination form below.

Nominations Guidelines


  • Nominating groups must be registered with Kildare Public Participation Network for at least 6 months.
  • Groups must have full membership and be a member of the respective seat e.g. nominations for an Environmental seat must be a PPN member group from the environmental pillar.
  • Nominations can only be made with the candidate’s knowledge and approval.
  • Each Group can nominate one candidate only per seat. If groups nominate more than one candidate, the first nomination received will be accepted.
  • If we receive more nominations than seats available, elections will take place through online voting.
  • Nominees must have no political affiliations.
  • Candidates are requested to submit a short profile (written in the first person) to accompany their nomination form (no more than 150 words, showing relevant experience). This profile will be made public for the purpose of elections. We also request a photo for the ballot paper (this is optional).