Re-registration of Member Groups
21 Jul 2022

Re-registration of Member Groups

Kildare Public Participation Network (Kildare PPN) member organisations are required to re-register on a regular basis to ensure the accuracy of our membership records.  We have started the process of re-registering all of our member groups that registered with us before 2022.

On Thursday the 21st of July, we sent out an email to the primary contact of all our member groups that registered with us before January 2022, asking them to confirm or change the details we have about them. We would appreciate if groups could respond to this Email at their earliest convenience.


Why do Kildare PPN need to re-register member groups?

As volunteers move on-and emails and phone numbers change, we need to make sure that we have the correct contact details for our member groups and to also make sure we are complying with GDPR.

How do I re-register my organisation?

The primary contact in each organisation is sent an email asking them to click on the link to update their membership to Kildare PPN.  The link brings them to a form which shows them all of the organisations for which they are the Primary Contact, including the Last Confirmed Membership Year.  For each organisation, there is a link to re-register or change details we are holding for that organisation.

When they click on this link, they are shown all the affiliated contacts for that organisation.  The details include First Name, Last Name, Title (role), Email Address and Mobile Phone Number.  They can enter their PPN membership options.  When the form is submitted, the information goes directly into the PPN system.  There are 3 possible Options for PPN membership on the re-registration form:

  • I am the primary contact and I confirm re-registration – re-registration process completed
  • I am not the primary contact and cannot confirm re-registration– you will then be asked to confirm you have permission to give new contact details.
  • I am the primary contact and I confirm that the organisation no longer wishes to be a PPN Member –Your group will be removed from the Kildare PPN database

Member organisations are encouraged to change the contact email from a private/personal email address to a general group email account if available.

Who does not have to re-register?

If your organisation registered with us on or after 1st January 2022, you will not receive an email from us and will not have to complete the re-registration.

I am the Primary Contact and have not received an email to re-register?

Please check to see if the re-registration email was sent to your spam/trash folder instead of your inbox folder. If you still cannot locate the email, please email

Please note: Member organisations that do not re-register with Kildare PPN will be removed from our active membership.