Navigating Canvassing: A Member Resource for Candidate Engagement
22 Apr 2024

Navigating Canvassing: A Member Resource for Candidate Engagement

As we approach the forthcoming local and European elections scheduled for June, it is imperative that we, as the Kildare Public Participation Network, continue to uphold our non-political stance while supporting our members in making informed decisions that resonate with their values and aspirations for their communities.


Throughout 2023, we embarked on a significant consultation initiative aimed at crafting a comprehensive Wellbeing Statement for our county. These consultations, conducted across all Municipal districts, garnered extensive participation from our members and stakeholders alike. The invaluable insights gathered from these engagements have since informed various strategic endeavour’s, notably contributing to the formulation of the draft Local Economic and Community Plan.


Building upon the wealth of information gathered, we have meticulously collated findings to develop a set of potential questions. These questions are intended to serve as a resource for our members as they engage with candidates during the upcoming canvassing period.


We believe that by arming ourselves with pertinent inquiries rooted in the collective aspirations of our communities, we can facilitate constructive dialogue and contribute meaningfully to the electoral process.


Thank you for your ongoing dedication and commitment to our shared mission of fostering thriving and resilient communities.


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