Kildare County Council Parks Dept. Maintenance Plan Survey
12 Mar 2020

Kildare County Council Parks Dept. Maintenance Plan Survey


The Parks Department of Kildare County Council maintains public open spaces and verges within the county. The Parks Department would like to undertake their work in a more environmentally sensitive manner while providing the public with high quality amenity areas.

The works proposed are to benefit the environment, enhance biodiversity, be pollinator friendly and reduce the use of non-renewable fuels where possible.

During 2020 we are piloting trial sites. The majority of the pilot sites will demonstrate both the existing and the proposed maintenance styles, so you will be able to see the difference between the two.

Currently, between the months of March and October (maintenance season), grass is cut 16 times and weeds are sprayed with pesticides 3 times.

The proposed maintenance, between the months of April to October (maintenance season), grass is cut 6 times and weeds are strimmed 3 times to replace the use of pesticides.

The proposed sites and maintenance plans are listed below.

Parks Dept Maintenance Plan 2020


Click here to view/download the KCC Parks Dept. Maintenance Plan 


We would appreciate 1 minute out of your day to complete the survey below and your permission to contact you again at the end of the maintenance season (October/November) with a second survey.

This survey is to find out what maintenance option you prefer and why.

Please familiarise yourself with the table above, concentrating on the Municipal District you live in (example: Clane/Maynooth) before starting the survey.

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