Climate Action Linkage Group Call Out
20 Jan 2021

Climate Action Linkage Group Call Out


📢📢 Call out for our Climate Action Linkage Group 
✅Are you interested in doing something to help Climate Action in your town/village or wherever you may live in Kildare?
✅Would you like to see positive changes to your environment?
✅Would you like to have your voice represented in Local Authority Policy?
Anyone who is part of a registered group with the PPN (eg resident’s associations, tidy towns, community councils or any community group) can join the linkage group. We have steadily grown over the past 9 months and it is a fantastic way to meet people who are both experts in the area and people who are new but want to learn more.
We have focus groups in the following areas and we will have a voice in policy making in Kildare as well as linking into funding that may be available for projects. One such policy is the Kildare County Development Plan currently coming up for renewal.
☀️Sustainable Energy
🚴Sustainable Transport
🟢Green Economy
♻️Circular Economy
✅Just Transition
👬Community Activation & Well being

Climate Action Linkage Group 2

For more information visit our Climate Action Linkage Group Webpage
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