Climate Action Fund
07 Jan 2020

Climate Action Fund

The Climate Action Fund is one of four funds established under the National Development Plan  2018-2027 as part of Project Ireland 2040. The fund will support initiatives that contribute to the achievement of Ireland’s climate and energy targets in a cost effective manner.  It offers the potential for innovative interventions which, in the absence of support from the Fund, would not otherwise be developed.

The Fund will also seek to facilitate projects that contribute to other Government policy priorities including:-

  • Supporting innovation and capacity building towards the development of climate change solutions capable of being scaled and delivering benefits beyond a once-off impact
  • Generating wider socio-economic benefits such as job creation, air quality improvements, reduction in fuel poverty, bio-diversity and community resilience and development

The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment has responsibility for implementing the fund, which will have an allocation of at least €500 million over the period to 2027. 

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​Call for Expressions of Interest for Funding

The Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment has opened a call for Expressions of Interest from public and private s​​ector bodies, as well as non-governmental organisations, for the Government’s Climate Action Fund. This call is being made in advance of the next formal Call for Applications for funding from the Climate Action Fund, which will take place in the coming months.

An information session for interested parties will be held in Dublin in early February 2020 and a Clarification Note for the Call will be published on this website in m​​id-February 2020. Interested parties must fill out the below Input Form and submit it by the closing date of 28th February 2020.

All the information needed to take part in this Call for Expressions of Interest is in the below documents. Please read all these documents carefully before taking par​​t.

Expressions of Interest 2020 – Overview

Expressions of Interest 2020 – Input Form

Assessments Announced 2018