Benefits of Membership


Elect representatives to decision making committees on behalf of the PPN


The opportunity to influence local government policy


Access to relevant information of benefit to your group i.e. funding, grants, training opportunities


Network with and learn from other PPN groups in your MD or in your sector


The opportunity to feed into consultations at local authority and national level

Membership Criteria

Membership to Kildare PPN is open to groups that:

  • Are active in County Kildare
  • Have a postal address in County Kildare
  • Operate on a non-profit basis
  • Are volunteer led (organisations can have paid staff, but the organisation must be under voluntary control)
  • Are independent i.e. the organisation can not be a sub-group or sub-committee of another organisation
  • Have an appropriate governance structure
  • Have at least 3 members and are open to new members.
  • Are in existence for at least six months
  • Are a non-political party

Each member organisation must elect to be part of one of the three “colleges” of the PPN which represents the primary interest of your organisation. The colleges include: Community and Voluntary, Social Inclusion and Environmental.

Community & Voluntary

Their primary objectives focus on community responses to local issues and have activities that promote the overall wellbeing in their community.

Social Inclusion

Their primary objectives centre around working to improve the life chances and opportunities of those who are marginalised in society, living in poverty or in unemployment using community development approaches to build sustainable communities, where the values of equality and inclusion are promoted.


Their primary focus is environmental protection and/or environmental sustainability.  Organisations who wish to join the Environmental College must meet the criteria for Membership of Environment Electoral College. View the criteria here

Associate Membership

If your organisation does not fit the membership criteria for the Kildare PPN, your organisation may apply for associate membership.  Associate membership allows groups to receive information, and access consultations and training, but they do not have a vote.