Reuse Month

Reuse Month

October is National Reuse Month. This month encourages people to reuse their everyday items and combat the ‘throw away culture’. We have listed some easy changes you can make below to reuse and reduce your waste.

1. Buy pre-loved clothing instead of shopping in the high street.

Kildare has some amazing charity shops where you can bag some of the most amazing clothes (for a fraction of the original price). Approximately 5% of greenhouses gasses globally come from the textile industry so it is important to discourage ‘fast fashion’. For a list of charity shops in the County click here.


2. Repair broken items instead of throwing them away and buying new ones.

If your high heels have started to wear themselves down, instead of throwing them away and busing a new pair, bring them to a shoe repair outlet and get them re-heeled.  Sometimes it only takes minimal effort to repair items instead of throwing them away.


3. Upcycle your furniture

Sick of looking at the same pine dresser you’ve had for the past 10 years, and tempted to dump it? Give it a new lease of life and totally transform it by painting it, decoupaging it and even changing the handles.


4. Bring your own

Bring your own reusable coffee cups, shopping bags and even storage containers when shopping.


5. Get Creative

There are so many amazing items that can be re purposed from your waste. From re using broken plates to mosaic a table, transforming an old plastic bottle into a bird feeder, to making outdoor furniture out of old pallets, the possibilities are endless. Pinterest is a great website to get some creative inspiration.


6. Sustainable Food Habits

Try and shop local (and organic) as much as possible and plan out your meals before you do your shopping as to ensure you are not going to be wasting food you don’t use.  If you have vegetables left over pickling and fermentation are great and tasty ways to preserve your food.


7. List unwanted items on freebies 

If you have an old couch or an old piece of furniture that you don’t want to upcycle or repair list it on the freebie section on Donedeal, Adverts or even on a local buy and sell group on Facebook to see if anyone else may have use for it, saving it from the dump. 



To find out more about Reuse Month, and to see what events and workshops will be taking place throughout the country click here.