About Us

What is Kildare Public Participation Network?

Kildare Public Participation Network was established to allow communities within County Kildare to have greater involvement with the Local Authority and to give the community a greater voice and influence on issues and policies of interest to them.

Public Participation Networks (PPN’s) were set up following the enactment of the Local Government Act 2014 to act as an inclusive and independent structure that facilitates public consultation and public participation in policy and decision making.

The PPN provides the structure to facilitate the two way flow of information between the Local Authority and the Community and Voluntary, Social Inclusion and Environmental groups in County Kildare.  The PPN facilities this through electing PPN representatives to sit on various committees within Kildare Council to have their impact.


  • To facilitate and encourage public participation in local decision making
  • To facilitate the representation of the Community and Voluntary, Social Inclusion and Environmental groups onto decision making bodies
  • To strengthen the capacity of organisations to contribute positively to the community



  • Encourage greater participation in public decision making which leads to more effective and better targeted policies and programmes at local level and where necessary at a regional and national level
  • Develop alternative methods and models of working which seek to directly involve and empower groups and individuals within the community.
  • Support Kildare PPN representatives to achieve the policy objective of Kildare PPN